Our People


The company employs an average of 210 people including truck drivers, mechanics, operational and administrative staff who are well trained and skilled in their respective occupations. We maintain working conditions founded on mutual trust and respect through the advancement of open communication at all levels. 


In an effort to promote outstanding performance from our employees, and to provide a good service to our clients, we take pride in rewarding outstanding employees monthly.


Safety awareness plays a vital role in our daily operations. We are committed to ensuring that the products of our customers reaches all destinations safely and without any setbacks.  Similarly the health and safety of all our employees is very important to us. In this regard, extensive occupational Health and Safety procedures have been implemented, and all Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to. We have implemented a strict Alcohol Policy.

A safety talk is done by the controller with each driver and a meeting takes place in the workshop prior to commencing a shift. Vehicles keys are monitored, Vehicles and Camera inspections are done and monitored by the controller.

All our vehicles are fitted with Orchid Fleet management software and are monitored in real time by a dedicated team of controllers, supervisors and managers. They are also fitted with DriveCam, which records incidents, assists in monitoring the driver’s behavior and ensure road rules are adhered to and it helps drivers perform everyday to the best of their ability. We have a backup control/monitoring centre controlled by Regent Commercial Vehicles.

With these systems, we are able to analyse safety and performance trends to help us manage our drivers more effectively and encourage safe driving. A 24 hour control room is based on our offices in Meyerton where all our vehicles are monitored and incidents are reported. 

Wellness Programme

The Zamalwandle Transport Logistics Company is Employee Wellness compliant. This means that it caters for its employees’ Health and Wellness. This program is a strategic response for any employer who regards his employees as the greatest assets. Also the Health and Wellness of employees is enshrined as an important right embedded in the Constitution of our Country. This Employee Wellness Program enables our workforce to be productive and promotes high performance, enables employees to take good responsibility for their own health, and prolongs their own lives; hence the purpose of Zamalwandle EWP is to recognize the importance of linking individual health, safety and wellness as well as organizational wellness to productivity and improved service delivery outcomes.

The Zml EWP is a holistic approach endeavour to sincerely cater for Physical and Mental Fitness (psychological, emotional, rational, intellectual, perceptual, rational and spiritual) of all our employees. The Zml EWP ensures that its employees are educated on Diet and Nutrition, Chronic and Killer Diseases like HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Tuberculosis, etc. Counselling Services are offered for ailments like Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Sexual Health, Obesity, and so on. Also Marital difficulties, Financial Advices and Legal Problems are catered for by our EWP Professional Medical Assistants and Consultants. We have professional Health and Fitness Trainers and Educators who assist employees with top-class physical training to alleviate sicknesses and illnesses that come the way of our respective employees.

The Company also offers Telephonic and On-Sight Counselling Services to its employees. Employees are offered Personal Development Programs e.g. Self-Motivation, Self-Fulfilment, Education and or Academic Development or Career improvement opportunities. This Company’s Culture of Wellness that is coupled with Employee-Assistance-Program (EAP)which helps, counsel and offer referrals for employees when faced with mental-health and emotional issues.